Last Spring we went to Norway to end the year with a fun trip for Nitro. Knut is Norwegian and set up the whole trip. We went to his Dad’s house, borrowed his dad’s boat and adventured around the Fjords, hiking from the water, snowboarding, fishing and camping. The day before we were flying out a friend who does the wardrobe for Metallica told us she got us all VIP tickets to the show is Oslo the next day. We all changed our tickets, drove 13 hours through the night and went straight to the show. It was amazing, we met the band, ate their food backstage and went apeshit front row. After the show, we were hanging in this little room scamming some food and drinks, about to leave, when Robert Trujillo busted in to the room, “I heard some pro snowboarders were here”. He was under the impression Terje was with us I guess, pretty funny. He talked about how he was super into snowboarding and would go quite a bit when they aren’t on tour. He asked if we knew Johan, told us he was his favorite. This trip was incredible, so many amazing memories. Knut really knows how to plan a trip!

All photos taken by Daniel Blom and Bryan Fox


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